Staro Sajmište 2008/11

In April 1941 Germany attacked Yugoslavia. The male Jewish and Roma population was exterminated during the autumn of 1941 by the Wehrmacht after they been interned in the Topovske Šupe camp. From December 1941 to May 1942 the old Belgrade fair-ground was used as the German concentration camp, Judenlager Semlin. After they released the Roma families, about 7,000 Jewish in-mates, women, children and the elderly were killed in gas vans. Between May 1942 and July 1944 the camp was transformed in to the detention camp Anhaltelager Semlin. Of 38,000 inmates about 10,000 were killed or died of starvation or disease. Today the former Staro Sajmište camp has an unknown fate.

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The Staro Sajmište project was made out of recycled dolls and materials. The only new objects were figurines of Germans. Each picture was made after testimonies of survivors found in books and archives.